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Russian-German Colloquium 2012 within the framework of the Russian-German Year of Education, Science and Innovation




 Russian-German Colloquium 2012




February 21, 2012 – Russian-German Colloquium “Student Support Services as a major component in the social dimension of Higher Education” was held at Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities. Such a significant event for the sphere of education in Russia followed NSUH’s participation in International Bologna Conference, organized by German National Association for Student Affairs, with the support of European Council for Student Affairs and Ministry of education and science (Germany). Student support is considered to be crucial for the social dimension of higher education all over the world.

Partners of Russian-German Colloquium 2012

Considering that 2011/2012 was called “The Russian-German Year of education, science and innovation”, Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities made a decision to organize Russian-German Colloquium. Every institution of higher education has various departments which work to assist students in different issues. More often than not these units act independently. However, a unified platform of student services would help to effectively consolidate all the services – administrative, financial, legal and healthcare - in one division. Today we have an opportunity to make use of the best foreign practices in student support medium in our university.  

The Russian-German Colloquium also ensured support from European Council for Student Affairs, which promotes development of social dimension in European higher education.

2011 was marked for NSUH by a number of milestone events – among them a new management system in student support area. Despite the fact that Nizhnevartovsk University has its well-proved methods of working with students and supporting students, we still have a lot to learn from our western colleagues.

On December 8, 2011, Nizhnevartovsk State University of humanities became the first Russian Institution to officially join European Council for Student Affairs.

Especially for the colloquium, president of European Council for Student Affairs Mrs. Marijke Seresia prepared a video message to event participants.






German National association for Student Affairs, which comprehensively supports students of German Universities in economic, social, healthcare cultural services, was NSUH’s principal partner during the colloquium. The Association contributes greatly to the wellbeing of the society based on equality.

Thanks to cooperation with universities and city administrations, the association works to promote development of Higher Education medium. Members of the Association conducted a practice seminar concerning management of student support services, to help our University prevent all the possible difficulties while establishing student support infrastructure at NSUH.

Among other participants of the colloquium were representatives from Chelyabinsk State University, Surgut State Pedagogic University, Yugorsk State University, Khanty-Mansiysk Medical Academy.


Lubov Koveshnikova, director of the Department for Education and Youth Policy in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District “Ugra”, was the special guest at the colloquium.





Sven Engle – Head of International Relations, Deutsches studentenwerk





Dieter Stoll – Executive Director of Studentenwerk Rostock





Ulrich Seifert – Ulrich Seifert, Head of Culture Department, AKAFÖ. Bochum





Nadezhda Nemchinova – Head of International Relations Department, Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities





Denis Krivorotov – Head of the Department for Student Affairs, Nizhnevartovsk state University of Humanities





Artur Farkhutdinov –Head of the Department for Educational Work, Chelyabinsk State University




Olga Vlasova – Research Scientist in the laboratory of Regional Studies, Surgut State Pedagogical University







Ksenia Rabadanova – Specialist of the Department for Educational Work, Surgut State Pedagogical University







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Title of a presentation


Sven Engel

"Model and structure of social support for students in Germany. Deutsches Studentenwerk: its mission and tasks, international cooperation and interaction with Higher Education Institutions”       

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Dieter Stoll

“Cooperation between Studentenwerk and Universities”

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Ulrich Seifert

“International aspects and cultural events of Deutsches Studentenwerk”


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Nadezhda Nemchinova

“Department for student affairs – a new element for development of Higher Education at NSUH within the Bologna process”

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Denis Krivorotov

“Department for student affairs – a new element for development of Higher Education at NSUH within the Bologna process”

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Artur Farkhutdinov

“Principal extra-curricular activities at Chelyabinsk State University”

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Ksenia Rabadanova

“Role of Students’ unions and promotion of student self-government in a higher education institution”

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Olga Vlasova

Student subcultures: suppress or support? (on the example of a social project “Tandem” )

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Colloquium Outcomes

The grand opening of the Department for Student Affairs took place within the framework of the Russian-German Colloquium. At the concluding stage of the Colloquium Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities and German National Association for Student affairs signed a memorandum of understanding, aimed to ensure partnership and collaboration between the institutions in the “German year in Russia”grant programme and European Commission project - TEMPUS.


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Nadezhda Nemchinova

Head of the International Relations Department

Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities

56 Lenin St., 628695 Nizhnevartovsk

Tel.: 8 (3466) 45 76 10

Fax: 8 (3466) 45 18 05

Email: nemchinova.na@mail.com

Website: www.nggu.ru

Sven Engel

Deutsches Studentenwerk, Internationale Beziehungen

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